Useful Windows 10 Software

Setting up your pc harder nowadays here are some good and helpful softwares that can help you in some or other ways NOTE:- All the software listed below are basis on the personal use and internet research.

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  1. Ueli


Windows 10 search is pretty decent but I don't blame anyone if anyone doesn't find it capable of using and that's where Ueli app comes in place, Ueli brings a launcher to windows which is very similar to mac spotlight all you have to do is press “alt + space” to launch it and then quickly launch apps files or search anything online, you can even calculate and do basic mathematical problem without opening calculator program. It is very powerful and very customizable you can create a custom shortcut for your personal task and even customize the launcher preview.

  1. Franz

Accessing your Email, whatsapp, sms, and messenger front our laptop or pc can quite be a difficult task here “Franz” can help, it is a cool application which lets you control all of these in one place, In Franz just add the social media service you often use and just login and start using everything ina single app, this app can help you in certain ways like if you’re a college student and its your examination time it can help you in certain ways like you can open your whatsapp and discord simultaneously and communicate with your friends you can open your email on the side and mail your project very fast before the time ran’s up.

2. Ear Trumpet

Windows 10 have a very bad command over volume controls though you can change them manually but for a person who uses bluetooth earphones very casually in his day to day life style faces this problem every time he’s connected to a bluetooth device the volume increases or decreases by its own set of choice and that's very annoying, That's where “Ear-Trumper” helps you have control over individual apps playing audio, just for an example i want to listen my favourite song on speaker and by aside i also want to play games, so i can set my music player to speaker and my game to the headphones i am wearing.

3. Ninite

Shifting yourself to a brand new laptop from your old laptop can be a quite difficult task data can be accessible but all your old favorite software to your new laptop would be a very difficult task here “Ninite”, Ninite lets you download the package of all your favorite software at once, all you have to do is go over to ninite website and select your favorite tools or software that you use in your old laptop and ninite will create a package of the software you select and let you install in just one click, and the best part is it will not ask for any reboot or not let any third party application install in your pc, ninte has a large variety of software example:- Browsers, Developer Tools, Documents, Compression and much more.

4. Stayfocused

Stayfocused is a browser extension that helps you be focused on your work during your work time. The app blocks the particular websites you inlist on and not let you visit the website the time you selected, (like Monday to Saturday 9 To 5 ), The tool can get you a disciple towards your work and more productive life, you can add custom URLs of the website and highly customizable settings for time-wasting websites. StayFocused can help you stay out from the websites or restrict you from such websites that you think are very time-wasting.

5. Share X

Meanwhile, Windows 10 offers a screenshot tool but it would never come near to “Share X” a screenshot and screen-recorder tool which size is very less but packed with some of the cool features that you surely fall in love with, first you can take a screenshot with share x, the usual one's screenshot of the region a scrolling screenshot and set up auto capture and even set actions when the screenshot is captured, so it is easy for anyone to upload the screenshot to Google Drive. Share X also lets you record your screen in the usual mp4 format or you can even create a GIF if you want isn’t that amazing.

6. Peazip

Can't deny the fact that we all are annoyed by the ads pop-up on software’s to buy the software and tells you to remove the software after some days of the trial period, so here Peazip can help you in some ways, Peazip is a free application which lets you create an archive in all the extension possible. Peazip also has a very good feature of two-factor authentication which lets you password protect your files even more.

7. Converter Bot

If You’re Tired of installing the application for all the file type extension you want to preview or maybe a student who always want submit their assignments in pdf format, so here Converter Bot can help you in some way, in converter bot you can preview several types of file format which is necessary for example you can convert a word document file to a pdf, png and etc formats by using pdf format, all you have to do is open the file in the software and it will start showing you the preview.