Useful Chrome Features People Should Use

  1. Music Control

When Working On A Project Or Just Normally Reading Articles I Usually Open 20-25 Tabs In A Row And Also Listening Music At The Same Time So It's Become Difficult For Me To Figure It From Which Tab The Music Is Playing, So Google Chrome Has The Solution. All What I Have to Do Is Click On The Icon On Top Left Side Of The Browser Where All The Extensions Are Shown Click On It, You Will Be Shown The Sources From Which Tab The Sound Is Coming And You Can Pause It.

2. Tab Organize

As Usual I have A Lot Of Tabs Open Of News, Blogs, YouTube, Gmail And A Lot More Now There Is A Good Feature That Can Help me Managing All The Tabs By The Category All What I Have To Do Right Click On The Tab I Want To Give Name And Click On “Add Tab To Group” Now Give The Group A Name And Color By Choices Available.

3. Tab Restore

At Early Age I Used To Use And Old Low Configuration Laptop And Sometimes It Used To Get Crash Unexpectedly And All The Tabs I Was Working On Used To Get Closed, So To Recover The Tabs I Was Working On, Used The Keys

CTRL + SHIFT + T (For Windows)

⌘ + SHIFT + T (For Mac).

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