Instagram Tricks People Should Know

  1. See The Message Without Even Letting Them Know That The Message Has Been Read

It Happens A Lot Of Time When The User Have To Read The Message And Also Not Let The Other Person Know That Message Has Been Read It Will Work No Matter How Long The Message Is, All The User Have To Do Is When They Receive The Message They Must Go To The Profile OF The Message Sender And By Clicking On The 3 Dots On The Right Side Of The Screen And Then Click On Restrict By Restricting The Profile The Chats Will Be Moved To Message Request Section And Then The User Can Read The Chats Without Even Letting Them Know The Message Has Been Read Or Not.

2. Hide Instagram Post From Profile Without Deleting.

Archive Is A Feature Of Instagram Which Lets User Hide Certain Post From The Profile Without Even Deleting Them, User Can Do This By Following Some Steps First User Have To Go To The Post They Want To Hide

Then Click On The Three Dots On The Top Right Side Of The Post After That Click On The “Archive” And The Post Will Be Hidden From Profile,What If User Wants The Photo Back On The Profile, User Have To Go To His Profile Click On The Three Lines On The Top Right It WIll Show You “Archive” Now On The Top It Will Show “Stories Archive” Change It To Posts Archive And The User Will See The Posts They Have Archived Select The Post User Want Back In The Profile Click On The Three Dots In Right Screen And Click On “Show On Profiles”

3. How To Send Message With Effects And Add GIFs

In Instagram There Is A Good Feature Of Adding Effects In A Text When Sending To Someone, The User Have To Do Is First Type The Message They Want To Send To Someone Then On The Left Side There Will Be A Magnifier Click On The Magnifier It Will Show The User Some Good Effects In Which The Message Can Be Sent. And For The GIFs, Just Below The Effects There Is A Text Field Of “Search GIPHY” The User Can Search The GIF And Send It.

4. How To Check How Much Time User Spent On Instagram

I Have Been Personally Using This Trick For Quite A Time Checking How Much Time I Have Been Spending On Instagram And Not Doing My Important Work The Steps Are As Follows First Go To The Profile Click on The 3 Lines On Top Left Of The Screen It Will Show An Option Of “Your Activity” Click On It After Clicking It Will Show Links And Time Click On Time Instagram Will Show How Much Time Has Been Spent On The Account Using It Day Wise.