Nearby About 3982, The Case Is Found Positive Due To Coronavirus So Far In Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand coronavirus news updates, the infection of the corona is rapidly increasing. While changing conditions have raised the concern not only of the system but also of the common man. Not only that, but the statistics are also beginning to give a second start. In the past few days, recovery has reduced the dabbling rate. Also on Thursday, there have been 199 cases of corona in the Pradesh. This is the second-highest number of patients in a day during a period of four months. Earlier on 29 May had come 216 cases of the corona.

So far 3982 cases of corona have already been reported in the Pradesh. Who has healed 2995 people? As many as 33 patients who have been infected with corona have left the state, the 904 treatment is going on in various hospitals and crowd care centers. Besides 50 deaths have taken place.

As per the information received from the health department, 6732 samples have been reported on Thursday. This is the most sample test ever in a day. Including rapid antigen tests. 6533 reports in these samples are negative while 199 cases positive. Among these, 91 most of the cases are from the city of Udaipur. Who are 21 people in contact with infected persons? Others are still searching for travel history. In Nainital also 34 cases have come up.

In Haridwar also there are 30 people in the confirmed corona. Of these 23 people who are in contact with infected patients in the past. However, the travel history of seven is yet to be discovered. Reports of 27 people are positive even in Dehradun. Ten people are seen to be positive in the Tehri area. Four of them have returned from Mumbai and two Delhi. The travel history of others is not yet known. The report of one person from Delhi and from Bareilly is positive in Chamoli. Three people who got infected in Pauri have returned from Gurugram and Bihar. At the same time, the report of one man in Champawat is positive. On Thursday, 47 people have been able to recover and have been discharged. Of these are 14 Udhampur Nagar, 13 are from Dehradun eight Nainital five Tehri, five Haridwar, and two Almora.

Read the most cases which have occurred in one day, 216-29 May 199-16 May 157-31 May 134-23 June 126-09 June 120-12 July 102-20 June: there are 45 new cases of coronavirus news updo: 45 new cases of coronavirus in Uttarakhand, there have been 12 patients.


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