Cool Android Customization Apps

  1. NotePin.

Many things come and go in a day and there is a lot of task to do in a day and as a human we can-not remember all the task, there are a lot of application in playstore which can give you note writing features, but NotePin is a application which can help you in some certain ways, note pin will make your task a notification and will not get dismissed until and unless you complete it and the application also have dark mode which makes the app more good looking, make a try at NotePin

2. Fluid Navigation Gestures

The biggest problem which i think is not getting update on time with android phones and you also have recognized the delay, and you want to enable android 10 gestures, so fluid navigation gestures is the application you're looking for, the app lets you customize gesture from left edge, right edge, bottom edge, you can also customize the gesture from their respective settings and set it by your personal preferences.

3. Always On Amoled

Running the app for first time you have to give permission to the app and after that you can give always on Amoled with just a simple tap and customize things date, time, animation fonts, brightness and more, there is also a edge lighting option adjust on the based of curved in your phone or if you have notch it is very detailed and works pretty good, there is a lot more in the app but you have to pay for it to unlock and make your phone look more beautiful, there is option for viewing ad and unlocking the particular feature for the time, so you can check the app as well.

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